Adorable Kinders (GRANZA Inc.)

Adorable Kinders (GRANZA Inc.)

“Adorable Kinders” are soft- dolls which have great quality though made of rag. They are designed only for “GRANZA, Inc.” by famous Aranza Zamora.
The idea of the “Adorable Kinders” collection is about nursery school friends. Each doll matches with different personalities and this is the main idea of dolls’ и design.
Every doll is called with a unique and only name that originates from the English alphabet like, ‘A’ is Alise, ‘B’ is Brittany, ‘C’ is Christy, and so on.
Dolls made of rag.
Every doll has a different key-code for internet with which you can get connected to the “Adorable Kinders eSchool”. In “Adorable Kinders eSchool” children can play games and combine education and fun (Preschool and grades K-6). Each game has levels that each kid can complete and pass to the follow grade.
Soft boy- dolls
The softness of “Adorable Kinders” are proper for sleeping with, allowing the children to have a comfortable sleep because of the total soft texture they are made of.
“Adorable Kinders” have a great variety of clothes, outfits and accessories. It’s worth mentioned that each doll a has its own underwear, socks and shoes and all the clothing suits to every doll of “Adorable Kinders”.
“Adorable Kinders” soft dolls and their clothing can be washed!
Also you can o buy separate clothes and accessories for every season and occasion.
The “Adorable Kinders” are suitable and safe for children ages from 3 years old. “Adorable Kinders” are filled with non-allergenic 100% polyester. The dolls are about 18” (45cm) tall and weigh less than 2 pounds (.45kg).
All of their dolls and toys are made in the United States of America.

The Online Store is CLOSED.

The dolls are no longer available.

Available Toys


  • A- Alise, 18 inch soft rag doll
  • B- Brittany, 18 inch soft rag doll
  • C- Christy, 18 inch soft rag doll
  • D- Dulce, 18 inch Soft Doll
  • E- Evelyn, 18 inch soft rag doll
  • F- Faith, Are 18 inch soft rag doll
  • G- Gregory, 18 inch soft rag doll
  • H- Hope, 18 inch soft rag doll
  • I- Ivan, 18 inch soft rag doll
  • J- JJ, 18 inch soft rag doll
  • K- Kathy, 18 inch soft rag doll
  • L- Landon, 18 inch soft rag doll
  • M- Mari, 18 inch soft rag doll
  • N- Natalia, 18 inch soft rag doll
  • O- Opri, 18 inch soft rag doll
  • P- Pia, 18 inch soft rag doll
  • Q- Qiana, 18 inch soft rag doll
  • R- Rena, 18 inch パソコン部屋におすすめ!リクライニングチェアで楽々快適!! soft rag doll
  • S- Sierra, 18 inch soft rag doll
  • T- Thomas, 18 inch soft rag doll
  • U- Unity, 18 inch soft rag doll
  • V- Vianca, 18 inch soft rag doll
  • W- Wei, 18 inch soft rag doll
  • X- Xander, 18 inch soft rag doll
  • Y- Yama, 18 inch soft rag doll
  • Z- Zachary, 18 inch soft rag doll


  • Bedtime Ensemble, Pink
  • Pink Blouse and Jeans
  • Green Sun top and Bermuda
  • Orange Sun top and bermuda


  • Ballerina Ensemble
  • Princess Ensemble
  • Cream Dress
  • School Girl Ensemble
  • School Boy Ensemble
  • Green Dress
  • Christmas Girl Ensemble
  • Christmas Boy Ensemble
  • Spring Dress


  • Pink Pillow
  • Blue Pillow
  • Yellow Pillow
  • Lilac Pillow
  • Green Pillow 


P.O. Box 195096
Winter Springs, FL 32719-5096

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