Extreme Bubbles

Extreme Bubbles

“Extreme Bubbles” a company based in Minnesota which produces big bubble toys. Anyone can buy bubble solution, wands, complete bubble kits, go outside and start blowing bubbles. “Extreme Bubbles” sells toys which bring each other together by having outdoor fun and are appropriate for parties, picnics , your own backyard playing and every occasion which is full of fun and excitement. Having gained the first World Record for the largest free floating soap bubble ,the people of “Extreme Bubbles” are always ready and willing to become better, service you and hear from you. This is why, you can contact with them by sending your bubble stories and bubble pictures via their Facebook page, or by emailing them through the Contact Us page. So… “Get outside and play” and start making your own bubble world. 

Available Toys

  • Starter Pack: beeboo Big Bubble Kit
  • Pro Pack: beeboo Big Bubble Kit
  • Family Pack: beeboo Big Bubbles Kit
  • beeboo Big Bubble Mix
  • beeboo Big Bubble Mix (4 Pack)
  • DipStix Big Bubble Solution Refills (6 pack)
  • Extreme Bubbles 7″ Hoop Kit
  • Bubble Machine solution refill
  • Extreme Bubbles Mini-Blaster Bubble Gun Kit
  • Extreme Bubbles 10″ Big Bubble Wand Kit


Freeport, Texas 77541

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+1 612-419-2923 




  • customerservice@extremebubbles.com
  • daviderck@extremebubbles.com

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