Lily Anna for Girls

Lily Anna for Girls

“Lily Anna for Girls” is a business which we can say started several years ago. In fact, it started when the company owner, Mara Joy Luker, was just a little girl that wanted to become a ballerina. Mara Joy loved as a kid dancing, fairy tales, dress-ups and dolls. She literary spent countless hours playing with the princess dresses, dance skirts and dress-up costumes that her mother had made for her and her sister.

Growing up, she may not have become a ballet dancer, but ended up working with ballet tutus instead! It all started when she designed a pink tutu for her baby daughter. That was the inspiration for the entire line of dress-up costumes for girls. Nowadays, she is a busy, work-at-home mother of four, that always gets power and inspiration from her kids. She always tries to make new treasures; some of them are custom made especially for you, so that her unique and innovative line grows more and more…

The owner states that dress-up play is really a wonderful way for girls to discover the world and to embrace their creativity and imagination. She creates Tutu Skirts, Tutu Dresses, Birthday Party Dress Tutus, Baby and Toddler Tutus, Teen & Adult Tutus, Classic Ballet Tutus, Fairy Tutu Costumes, Leotards and Slippers, Headband Styles, Baby Onesies and Tees, Handmade Fairy Wands and Butterfly Fairy Wings. For more options you should check out their sweet website. Your unique, one-of-a-kind creation will truly excite your little ones.

All the items mentioned before that you find in the webpage are just the beginning. Mara Joy Luker has custom designed costumes for children’s dance studios, Halloween costumes, costumes for weddings, special birthday party tutus etcetera. The aim of the whole business is to bring a smile to the little face of every single girl.

Available Toys

  • Tutu Skirts
  • Tutu Dresses
  • Easter Dress Tutus
  • Boutique Baby Tutus
  • Flower Girl Dress Tutus
  • Birthday Party Dress Tutus
  • Alice in Wonderland Tutus
  • Baby and Toddler Tutus
  • Girls Dress-Up Tutus
  • Garden Flower Tutus
  • Polka Dot Bow Tutus
  • Bandana Bow Tutus
  • Teen & Adult Tutus
  • Classic Ballet Tutus
  • Chocolate Truffle Tutus
  • Satin Ribbon Bow Tutus
  • Polka Dot Tutu Dresses
  • Flower Girl Tutu Dresses
  • Cotton Panty Bloomers
  • Fairy Tutu Costumes
  • 1st Birthday Tutu Sets
  • Holiday Tutus and Bows
  • Leotards and Slippers
  • Baby Headband Styles
  • Flower Headbands
  • Boutique Hairbows
  • Tea Party Flower Hats
  • Headband & Tutu Sets
  • Baby Onesies and Tees
  • Handmade Fairy Wands
  • Butterfly Fairy Wings

Shipping Cost:

Via US Priority Mail:

  • $4.95 all orders up to $9.99
  • $7.95 all orders $10.00 to $49.99
  • $9.95 all orders $50.00 to $99.99
  • $12.95 all orders $100.00 to $149.99
  • $16.95 all orders $150.00 to $199.99
  • $21.95 all orders $200.00 to $299.99
  • $24.95 all orders $300.00 and up

Via US Express Mail (with tracking):

  •  $29.95 all orders up to $99.99
  • $32.95 all orders $100.00 to $199.99
  • $35.95 all orders $200.00 to $299.99
  • $39.95 all orders $300.00 to $399.99
  • $49.95 all orders $400.00 and up

International Orders (with tracking):

  •  $49.95 all orders up to $99.99
  • $52.95 all orders $100.00 to $199.99
  • $55.95 all orders $200.00 to $299.99
  • $59.95 all orders $300.00 to $399.99
  • $69.95 all orders $400.00 and up


978 E 1300 S
SALT LAKE CITY,  UT  84105-1852

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Mara Joy Luker

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