KEVA planks

KEVA planks

“KEVA planks” is a company that specializes in “KEVA” products. “KEVA” is more than a simple toy; it’s more of an art form. They are appealing to both children and adults. “KEVA planks” are all the same pieces of wood and not plastic. They are about 1/4 inch thick, 3/4 inch wide and 4 1/2 inches long.  Just by simply stacking them, without glues, you build structures.

It seems so simple. Nonetheless, this life changing game are suitable from toddlers, preschoolers, elementary age children and teenagers to architects and scientists. It is right for the whole family. It inspires creativity and imagination for everyone! Moreover it is great for upgrading your child’s communication skills. A lot of kids could easily play these all together! They can make discussions and talk about their plans etcetera.  Most sets have several planks that have different colors or have a unique grain pattern.

“KEVA planks” really stimulate the imagination.  It may seems just a simple set of wooden blocks but this is a great way to explore our potentials. We can discover a structure to understand it from every angle. And “KEVA” sure does provide an easy way to realize sculpture and design. Children become familiar with mathematics, balance, equality even geometry as they play. They understand the numbers and their importance in the physical world.

“Keva Planks” will make a great difference in the time spend with your family. It is an interactive, thoughtful activity that the whole family can really enjoy. The planks come in a wide variety of sets. Simplicity is the motto of the company. With just a few of those planks you can make towers, bridges, sculptures. The sets available are “KEVA Maple”, “KEVA Contraptions”, “KEVA Structures”, “KEVA Catapult”, “KEVA Wrecking Ball”, “KEVA Trebucket”, “Brain Builders” and so much more…

Available Toys

  • KEVA Maple 200
  • KEVA Maple 400
  • KEVA Maple 1000
  • KEVA Structures
  • KEVA Contraptions
  • KEVA Catapult
  • KEVA Trebuchet
  • KEVA Wrecking Ball
  • KEVA Storage Bag
  • Contraptions 50
  • Play Table
  • KEVA Maple 50
  • KEVA Colors
  • Brain Builders


  • For Orders: 800-999-0389
  • Customer Service: 800-274-6123
  • For Museums: 540-421-3786
  • For Retailers: 800-296-9485
  • For Teachers: 540-421-3786
  • For Events: 540-421-3786




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